Optional Accessories

  • Mounting base with casters
  • Rinse and separation station
  • Sound cover
  • Variable speed

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RF Centrifugal Disk Finisher

The Graviflo Rapid Finish Machines feature solid, heavy duty construction which eliminates disc deflection and ensures that a non-contact seal gap is maintained. Our structures are designed to maintain concentricity of the disc to the stationary tub, whether the machine is operating or at rest. The unique bearing housing assembly with stainless steel components utilize thrust bearings and lock-nuts to prevent upward and downward thrust.

RF-20 Standard Features

  • Heavy duty construction
  • Table top design
  • Patented spindle drive assembly
  • Patented seal design
  • Patented “as cast” mating surfaces
  • Tilt mechanism
  • Flow-thru seal compound system
  • Chemical resistant paint
  • Wet process machine