The Torex® Internal Separation Bowl

The Torex® Internal Separation Bowl has a wide, U-shaped process channel of heavy steel construction with a urethane lining.  It is mounted on a rigid, round base and suspended with heavy-duty springs.  Separation of parts and media are accomplished with the internal separation system built into the processing chamber, and is controlled by a manual lever or optional pneumatic cylinder.  This system is available in both the NT and NTG Series.

Oil Drive System: The NT Series (oil lubricated system) utilizes a drop in solid steel tube cartridge.  The cartridge is mounted in the processing bowl using a tapered socket and wedge clips.  It can easily be removed using normal maintenance tools.  A drive shaft and roller bearings, ideally suited for vibratory shaker applications, are housed in the drive cartridge with bearing retainers and oil seals at each end.

Lubrication System: The system uses a low-pressure oil pump that provides lubrication to the main shaft bearings.  A dual pressure switch system monitors the oil pump and oil filter.

Grease Drive System: The NTG Series (grease lubricated system) utilizes two flange mounted roller bearing units.  The bearing units are mounted into the processing bowl with robust solid steel bearing webs.

Lubrication System: The system uses easily accessed grease zerks, located on the exterior of the machine, to lubricate the bearings.

Optional Accessories

  • Compound Metering System
  • Media Unload Door
  • Air Actuated Gate
  • Curved Outer Wall
  • Free Standing IEC or NEMA control panel
  • Ear saver sound cover

All Welded Construction:  The processing chamber is an interlocking steel weldment.  Center tube, bowl bottom, internal cone style gussets, and outer wrap materials are of heavy-duty steel plate.  The machine base is round with an upper spring mounting ring and a lower mounting ring for the three heavy steel feet.

Urethane Lining:  The processing bowl is fully line with 3/4″ minimum thickness 90 Durometer, polyurethane in all wear areas of the machine.  The standard lining has a ribbed straight outer wall.

Standard Equipment
Custom Equipment: May result in longer delivery times and higher price.
ModelCu FtLubeDiameterU-WidthTotal HtDeck HtMotor HP