The Torex® Batch Finishing Bowl

The Torex® Batch Finishing Bowl has a wide, U-shaped process channel of heavy steel construction with a urethane lining.  It is mounted on a rigid, round base and suspended with heavy-duty springs. Batch machines are usually used for larger parts that can be hand picked out of the media, or can be used with an unload door and screener to empty the entire bowl of smaller parts and media when the risk of part mixing is present.  This system is available in both the NT and NTG Series.

Oil Drive System: The NT Series (oil lubricated system) utilizes a drop in solid steel tube cartridge.  The cartridge is mounted in the processing bowl using a tapered socket and wedge clips.  It can easily be removed using normal maintenance tools.  A drive shaft and roller bearings, ideally suited for vibratory shaker applications, are housed in the drive cartridge with bearing retainers and oil seals at each end.

Lubrication System: The system uses a low-pressure oil pump that provides lubrication to the main shaft bearings.  A dual pressure switch system monitors the oil pump and oil filter.

Grease Drive System: The NTG Series (grease lubricated system) utilizes two flange mounted roller bearing units.  The bearing units are mounted into the processing bowl with robust solid steel bearing webs.

Lubrication System: The system uses easily accessed grease zerks, located on the exterior of the machine, to lubricate the bearings.

Optional Accessories

  • Compound Metering System
  • Media Unload Door
  • Air Actuated Gate
  • Curved Outer Wall
  • Free Standing IEC or NEMA Control Panel
  • Ear Saver Sound Cover

All Welded Construction:  The processing chamber is an interlocking steel weldment.  Center tube, bowl bottom, internal cone style gussets, and outer wrap materials are of heavy-duty steel plate.  The machine base is round with an upper spring mounting ring and a lower mounting ring for three heavy steel feet.

Urethane Lining:  The processing bowl is fully lined with 3/4″ minimum thickness 90 Durometer, polyurethane in all wear areas of the machine.  The standard lining has a ribbed straight outer wall.

Standard Equipment
Custom Equipment:  May result in longer delivery times and higher price.